After starting to see the harmful effects of traditional tanning, Kaytie Mandell and Racelle Campanelli decided that they needed to find an alternative to long term sun exposure. But they still wanted that healthy glow that you get from laying in the sun. After trying many self tanning products and being disappointed with the Mystic tanning experience, Kaytie and Racelle decided that custom airbrush tanning was the way to go.

Kaytie and Racelle decided to make their tanning service mobile, so busy people could get a perfect tan in the comfort of their own home. Kaytie and Racelle service all over the bay area. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!

___Kathy Carr Stephens has worked in the fashion industry for the past 10 years. After getting married in July
she began to dream of running her own business. A mutual friend mentioned that Kaytie and Racelle had
__had started Bella Bronze. Kathy started brainstorming a bit with Kaytie and they decided an LA/OC branch
-was a fabulous way to share this healthy way to bronze! Contact Kathy today to schedule your next
___________________________________appointment in the Los Angeles area.
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